Draughts at heel angle from cross curves

It appears that the model is free in heave during the cross curve calculations. Would it be possible to provide output of the draught at which the lever arm is given?
This would be useful for assessing downflooding angles.

Draught at Heel Angle


With reference to earlier post, yes this would be easily done. How would you want the results created as it is not a std report. Thought about hints in each cell but this not a permanent record.

Any ideas?


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Draught at heel angle - report

Hi John,
I am not sure this would be the best way, but an option allowing the draft to be printed in the tabular form of the cross curves would be a possibility.
This could be in the form of an extra set of columns for each draught next to each heel angle column which would then hold the value for the distance of K (origin of X and Z axes) below the heeled waterplane. This distance being vertical for the heeled vessel, ie perpendicular to the heeled waterplane. This would allow the draught to be easily tranferred to the lines to assess positions of openings relative to heeled waterplane.
An explanatory sketch defining this draught should be added to the manual.

Peter Southwood