Import Files from inventor

I have a question to importing Externing-Model-Fileformats.
Is it only possible to import "GHS-file" or "Defcar-DFH" with ArchimedesMB?
I want to import bodies which I have created with INVENTOR 9.
Available export-files from Inventor are:
BMP-, IGES-, SAT-, STEP-, STL-, PPT- (Streamline) und XGL- oder ZGL,
DWG, DXF, BMP, DWP (Streamline) und DWF.
Which file format is required to work with ArchimedesMB or is a freeware available that transforms aforementioned files into GHS?
Or which import and export steps are required to get out a GHS-file?

Thanks sorbit

No Freeware to convert from

No Freeware to convert from DXF or iges to GHS, you can still do it by hand

Are you able to explain, how

Are you able to explain, how to convert DXF or Iges to GHS by Hand?

Hi Sorbit, you can use

Hi Sorbit, you can use archimedes to input your model frames or sections offsets just follow the tutorial on how to create the barge, you need to do the same for you hull, and once is done just save as a *.gf.

Read your sections offsets from your model using inventor or any cad application and input the offsets on archimedes and ready you have a *.gf file.

Also here is a link to the definition of a *.gf file:

Is a PITA, but belive it or not a LOT of users still do this by hand, becouse most of the time you will need to make small mods to your file and is faster to do it sometimes manually

I do half and half i have prosurf so i save directly to ghs, but most of the time some tweak is required.

Also read the information on the link that i gave you, is very importat to understand what is on a *.gf file, is not complicated but is tedious specially when done by hand but certanly not impossible and free.

and in order to view your *.gf file (you can use archimedes but..)download this software it will help you to create create PART files for GHS, also there are some demo files *.gf so is a bonus you can open them with your notepad and see what is inside: