MultiSurf is a rich and versatile system for parametric design of 3D geometric objects, particularly complex objects involving freeform curves and surfaces.
Precise control of complex shapes:

* Accurate, durable joins between surfaces
* Parametric variation: MultiSurf updates the entire model when you change underlying objects
* A surface for every purpose: 30 surface types let you use the right surface for every aspect of your design (NOT limited to NURBS like other applications)
* Fairing tools: curvature profile and surface curvatures displays help you refine your design

Export: DXF, IGES, POV-Ray rendering files, VRML; to AeroHydro programs: MSDEV developable plate expansion, MSPLEX compound-curved plate expansion, HYDRO hydrostatics, OFE offset file editor, AHVPP sailboat performance analysis

Import: DXF, IGES; FL/2B, Autoship, MaxSurf (formerly MacSurf), and FastYacht files.

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