PROLINES is a NURB surface design and analysis program boat boat design and boat building. PROLINES provides hydrostatics calculations, stability, wave and friction drag analysis. PROLINES is an excellent tool for both boat design and boat building. Builders can create in-house designs or make modifications to existing designs with hydrostatics and stability calculations. PROLINES has become known as one of the easiest to learn boat and yacht design tools that is available.

PROLINES is in use around the world for boat designs as small as models to as large as 120 feet(40Meters) long. PROLINES is a professional hull editing tool. Using OpenGL rendering and extensive calculations, PROLINES provides a visual representation of your design along with all of the information you need in order to hone your design to perfection. Professionals who want the best performance possible have been using PROLINES for years to enhance their designs. Who should purchase a copy of PROLINES? Anyone who designs hulls can use PROLINES to create and visualize their designs. There are versions available for both professionals and students.

PROLINES is available in 3 versions. PRO, Basic and Student.

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