Naval Designer

Naval designer answers the great concerns of the naval architect :

* Design of the ships in 3D
* Hydrostatic and stability calculations with trim correction
* Estimate of weights, calculation of the aerofoil center

We paid a great attention to the graphic interface for an easy training and an efficient work.

The goal of Naval Designer is not to offer all the functionalities of the great professional softwares, but to propose the functionalities used 80 % of time by 80% of the users. We have an active collaboration with professional architects which can allow us to be very close of the real needs of the naval architects.
Naval designer will enable you to carry out your projects easily!

The web site also wants to be a place of meeting and exchange between naval architects through its forums.

What it does not do
Naval Designer is a powerful tool but it does not replace the naval architect who remains the designer of the ship. The architect must refer to his experiment, the technical literature and the state of art...

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