Sea Solution

ea Solution is a CAD system for shipbuilding.

Sea Solution is a comfortable tool for geometrical simulation and design, especially for fairing lines and shell plates development.

3D seams and butts

* Model
o Trimmed NURBS Surfaces support
o Fully supported topology and parameterization
o Ruled surfaces support (like rotation, extruding and etc.)
o Surface lines support
o Hierarchical database
o Team work possibilities
* Interface
o Windows style menu, toolbars, easy to use hull surface and decks
o Open GL support
o Fast sections, curvatures, inflection lines recalculation
o Levels & blocks for visualization control
o 3D volume / window visualization tools
o Scaled the mouse movement tools
* Topology & parameterization
o Direct and back links between connected elements
o Tracing and updating connected elements
o Topological associating when new element creating
o Parameterization rules definition

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