Strand7 is a totally new software development, designed to take full advantage of the Windows® environment. As a compliant Win32 application, Strand7 makes use of all hardware resources available to it under Windows®. This includes full use of all available RAM (both physical and virtual), use of accelerated graphics card features, and printing to any Windows®-supported device.

Strand7 is well suited to companies of all sizes involved in almost all engineering disciplines including:

* aeronautical
* automotive
* biomedical
* civil
* geotechnical
* mechanical
* naval architecture
* structural
* transporation

With it's sensible pricing structure, Strand7 is within easy reach of even the smallest engineering consultancy.

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Experience with Strand7

We bought a license for Strand7 and have never looked back. It has been able to solve all everyday marine engineering problems we have thrown at it.

Interface is intuitive and easy to learn and the post processing options that present results in a clear manner make drafting reports for client approval very easy to undertake.

Pricing very competitive and would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing FEA software to download the demo and get a local rep in to speak to them.

For Naval Architects its panelling from NURBS surfaces and lofting of beams to curved surfaces makes generating basic hullforms quickly to build on and add detail to a snip.