A boat design free software looking for users

I have developped a software that support the classical approach to boat design. By classical I mean an approach similar to the design process presented in Principles of Yacht Design advertised on this site. I have used the software to design my boat which is under construction.
The software run under Windows and all the design is graphically driven.
The functions are:
* Boat parameters definition
* Main lines drawing
* Stations drawing
* Large scale sections viewing
* Static hull data analysis
* Hydrostatic hull data analysis
* Ratio
* Stability curve analysis
* Boat lines analysis
* Resistance forces graph analysis
* Sail Plan generation
* Sail Plan analysis
* Polar plot
* VPP Velocity Prediction Program
* Frame spacing specification
* Frames and components viewing
* Frames offsets generation
* Standard mass automated generation
* Hull mass and CG automated calculation
* Detailled plans
* Boat Data on-line viewing
* Boat data permanent copy
I have no web site to store the software.
Any interest or suggestions?
It is free and well documented.
Gerard Deroy

software now available for download form www.boatarchitect.com

There has been a good answer to my request.
Thanks to all those who have requested a copy of the software and documentation. The software named BoatExpress is now available from www.boatarchitect.com.
Gave it a try, its free!
Gerard Deroy.

Well done

Hi Gerard,

Great news and good to hear your software is up and running.

good luck!

Site Admin
email - info_at_naval-architecture_dot_co_dot_uk

Free Software

Hi Gerard,

Feel free to post some details here and contact me privately and I will look at getting your software hosted on the site here for others to download and use free of charge.

Best Regards



Hi JA,
The next step would be to tell me how to have the software BoatArchitect hosted on your site.
In the mean time is there a way to attach pictures to a comment?
Best Regards,
Gerard Deroy

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I am trying to find the add image link on the comment page and c'ant find any.
Help please!
Gerard Deroy

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reply to JA

Hi JA,
How may I contact you privately.
Best Regards,


Hi there,

Just email me on the site contact address: info_at_naval-architecture_dot_co_dot_uk.

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